About SONA

SONA is a revolutionary new educational gaming platform which teaches African history and languages with in-game rewards linked to a prepaid debit card program. Parents are able to top up their child’s SONA card with their pocket money which the child can then unlock as they work their way through the course.

School of New Africa


SONA was founded by Grammy award-winning and multiplatinum-selling musician Fuse ODG and long-term business partner Andre Hackett. SONA is the latest iteration of the pair’s groundbreaking movement TINA, standing for This Is New Africa whose goal has always been reprogramming the world’s mental image of Africa, its people and its diaspora.

Our Vision

To eradicate social injustice at its roots, by telling the hidden stories of human history.

Concept of Race

We believe there is truly only one way to solve racism, and that this is to tackle the concept of race itself. When we look back far enough into our collective history as a species it becomes clear that there is only one race that truly matters, the human race.

Genesis of Mankind

Furthermore as all academic circles have reached a common concensus that mankind can trace its genesis on a biological , anthropological and cultural level to Africa then by default African History is Human history.

New African Mindset

This New African Mindset as we call it is what we believe has the power to transform the future, and is the reason we believe it is imperative to have school dedicated to teaching this to the next generation.

The SONA Gaming Experience

The SONA Gaming experience has been built around the philosophy:

"A people without knowledge of their history or past origins is like a tree without roots."

Marcus Garvey

The SONA Curriculum

Academic Approach

The SONA Curriculum has been curated by our esteemed educational Advisory board which consists of some of the worlds leading African historians

Advisory Board

Curriculum Outline

Each Tree within the curriculum represents a learning unit.

Pre-History Tree

Ancient Tree

Medieval Tree

Our Team

At SONA we believe that it is incredibly important for African problems to be solved with African solutions. As a result, we are proud to embody this sentiment. We have built a team of highly skilled and talented individuals from across the African diaspora. Meet the team :

Andre Hackett

Co-Founder & CEO

Fuse ODG

Co-Founder & CEO

Nana Arthur

Head of Operations

Caroline Osobowale

Financial Administrator

Kingston Tagoe

Chief Technical Officer

Shamara Adams

Head of Production

Nigel Stewart

Head of Curriculum

Kiaski Donkor

Head of Gameplay and Design

Priscilla Britton

Head of Marketing