Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Yes. SONA was founded by Fuse ODG and Andre Hackett. Fuse ODG is Ghanaian, Andre Hackett is Bajan and Jamaican.

While School of New Africa has launched as a brand, the app itself will be available to download in Spring 2023. For now, you can pre-order here with an early bird discount of 25% off.

Afrobeats artist Fuse ODG, alongside his business partner, Andre Hackett, founded SONA – School of New Africa in 2022. Fuse ODG & Andre Hackett have been pioneering and educating for over 10 years. In 2013, together they founded ‘TINA’, (This is New Africa), a movement to change the perception of Africa in the media and worldwide. 

Fuse ODG and Andre Hackett have been shining a light on Africa from the beginning of their careers. They truly believe in the power of education, especially in our own communities. This is evident from many of the community projects they’ve worked on, notably the primary and secondary schools that they built, and also maintain in partnership with Worldwide Missions. 

Educating about the truth of Africa has always been a main thread throughout their music, and the TINA movement. By creating a gamified educational app that tells the true story of African History, Fuse ODG and Andre Hackett believe this is the next evolution.

SONA is suitable for anyone aged 7+

At  SONA we believe in building as a community, feel free to email us: info@schoolofnewafrica.com


SONA will be available to download in Spring 2023.

Yes, once launched, SONA will offer a 7 day free trial.

Yes, SONA is for the whole family. At SONA we want to encourage families to learn about African History together. The wallet feature is targeted at children, however, the educational content is for all.

As a parent you’ll have full control and access over your child’s SONA account and prepaid card.

SONA will be available to download on android and IOS platforms.


All payment plans can be found here on our website.

When you pre-order SONA you will be charged straight away for the first month that you actually use the app. Your second payment will not be taken until after the app is launched. For more information of payments please send an email to info@schoolofnewafrica.com

Yes, you will still have a SONA subscription until the end of your monthly payment period.

As a parent you’ll have full control and access over your child’s SONA account and prepaid card.


Yes, at SONA, one of our missions is to make an impact on the educational curriculum globally. If you are a school that would like to expand your curriculum by collaborating with us at SONA, please send an email to info@schoolofnewafrica.com.

Our vision is to eradicate social injustice at its roots, by telling the hidden stories of human history.

SONA gets its information for the curriculum from the World’s leading African Historians.

We have partnered with The Centre of Pan African Thought (founded by top historian, Nigel Stewart) who helps to put together the curriculum as well as fact check all of our educational content.