Tired of black history not
being taught in school?

Join SONA to uncover the hidden stories of human history.

The School of New Africa - SONA

SONA is a gamified learning platform on African History, Culture & Language for everyone

SONA has lots of great features!

Study Missions

Uncover hidden stories & transform your desert into a thriving forest

Daily Affirmations

Speak and manifest your perfect day into existence

Earn as you Learn

Unlock pocket money as you progress through missions

Community Interaction

Share your progress and encourage family & friends

Money Management

Learn the basics of financial

SONA Prepaid Mastercard®

Use your card to shop & make payments, anywhere

Earn as you Learn on SONA!

Motivate Children to Keep Learning!

Top up your child’s SONA card so they can unlock their pocket money as they work their way through study missions



Virtual Card & Wallet

Access Pocket Money

Let your child unlock their pocket money as they progress through the missions

Manage Spending

As a parent you can track and manage your child’s spending on a daily basis

Connected with Friends & Family

Friends & family members can reward your child by topping up their wallet

Kickstart this journey with SONA

Come join me and let’s learn African History, Culture & Language on SONA!


Use the SONA daily affirmation tracker to build your confidence over time and take on the world


Discover hidden history, culture and language and transform deserts through missions


Collect money & resources in-app and track spending, using your SONA card

Learn About Your Roots

It’s time to turn history into our story

Until the lion learns to write, history will always glorify the hunter

SONA is Impactful and Changing Families!

Don't take our word for it. Here's what others are saying about SONA



SONA is a life-changing platform that I wish I had growing up as a child. It’s filling the gap where schools have failed



There’s a ton of value I’ve discovered in SONA and it’s challenged my thinking about Black History - and been really impactful for everyone in my family